July 25, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 1:45 pm

Join our Kids Ukulele Class!

Kids Free Online Ukulele Class! With Ms Barbara & her Niece, 9-year-old Sophie
5 Saturdays: July 11 ~ August 8; 1-1:45pm(ish)

Sophie & Ms Barbara are co-creating this class, so they decided to also co-create a video to tell you all about it! Please watch our video here.

Barbara Gail (who co-owns The Ukulele Place with her husband, Jeff Hanna), & her 3rd-grade niece, Sophie, invite all children going into 2nd, 3rd, & 4th grades, to join them for 5-weeks of online, group learning & music-making fun.

Their upcoming class will be held ‘live’ on zoom, & offered for free & by donation.

Sophie & her Aunt Barbara live hundreds of miles apart, but are now closer than ever thanks to the Covid-19 lockdown of 2020, & the gift of FaceTime. While taking Jeff’s Beginner Ukulele Class together on zoom in May & June, Barbara mentioned she once considered creating a class for children.

Sophie immediately began scouring websites for easy-peasy-but-not-babyish songs for the class (Sophie has the final word on this). Barbara dug into her old files, & they started sending links to each other.

Within minutes Sophie was making a Power Point Slide Show to describe & promote the kids class, without any prompting from Barbara. They continued updating the slide show until they landed on their final ‘giraffe’ (LOL ‘draft’).

Sophie sent Barbara voice-over recordings of herself reading it, & Barbara decided to include all of Sophie’s work in this video, to help spread the word about their class.

Needless to say, this has been a flurry of inspiration & communication for weeks!

Thanks for watching our video! Even if you’re not interested in this class, ya gotta watch. I mean, really, this 9yo kid’s a fun friend to all her know her.

* This being a children’s class, we’re keeping this video ‘Unlisted’. And:
1 – Parental phone registration will be required
2 – There will be no recording of the sessions
3 – Zoom links will be emailed privately

Mark your calendars, & please spread the word by sharing our video with your trusted friends, especially if you have kids or know some, thanks! 😊 ❤️

FMI & to register, please call Barbara at 941-223-0180.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE! If you’re shopping for a ukulele &/or ukulele tuner for your child, & would like some guidance around either or both of those, Jeff & Barbara have created videos to reference: Choose a Ukulele for Your Child  as well as  Clip-on Tuner for Your Ukulele.

About us
Barbara Gail, B.A. Education, has been teaching her original children’s programs in the music & movement arts, full-time since 1994. She’s been an edu-taining Artist in Residence in hundreds of venues, for thousands of kids & families. She’s also presented at conferences & in-school professional days, training countless teachers & counselors new ways to implement these arts into their classrooms & group settings.

Sophie is 9 years of age, & recently completed 3rd grade while on lockdown. An artistic child by nature, she was awarded ‘Most Artistic’ by her teacher in the last week of school. Her artwork was on display at an internationally reputed museum in her city when she was 7 years old.

Uncle Jeff & Aunt Barbara gave Sophie her first purple uke, & first purple djembe drum, when she was 3 (with a matching sundress of course LOL).

Sophie & Barbara have been working diligently on this project daily, for the past few weeks. Sophie can’t wait, & Barbara’s been waiting for a moment like this, all of Sophie’s life. ❤️